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Yi travel tickets through travel sites Introduction

This is a species of travel agencies, also Quality Assurance Association, Taitung Business Association and other members of the travel industry, focusing on the East tour, unique, security, convenience (with its own restaurant), ground oriented, caring service, and to provide customers with six heart-class service (peace of mind, sincerity, favor, caring, innovation).
East franchise, Green Island, Orchid Island travel (tourism website)
Franchise all over Taiwan, and many other Tour Packages:
Stroke characteristics of the plan:
Designed for individual, group, free, business travelers or interbank arrangements:
1, Hualien, Taitung, Green Island, Orchid Island Islands style experience tour
2, Hualien, Taitung:
(1) aboriginal tribes, humanistic characteristics, Eco-Tour
(2) Seniors nostalgic, health beauty, health tours
(3) spa cuisine, TCM, agricultural sightseeing tours
(4) railway, sports Hiking, cultural study tour

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