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 Bali hotel chain introduction / Introduction

Corporate image of the three write, from "The Green Island Bali" Pacific Department logo, but with the expansion of the hotel chain, was originally a symbol of recognition of the ocean, each derived from respective skimming "impersonal service "" comfortable environment "," clean space "They are all meaning, three write-Deep, but also represents an expectation that allows guests to precipitate the operating philosophy, the actual occurrence, Bali hotel chains want to be" humane " "comfortable," "clean," the three simple restaurant business philosophy, to create a warm and comfortable living space, can give consumers a precipitate self accommodation experience.
Offers "Humane, comfortable, intentions, security"Tourism, new lodging choice.

Bali hotel chain currently owns "Taitung Bali Suites Hotel," "The Green Island Bali", "Hsinchu Bali Forest Hot Springs Resort," "Bali Suites Taipei Weimi" four unfortunately, there is provided a "close business ‧ ‧ roaming," "sunshine ‧ ‧ ocean islands," "health spa ‧ forest ‧ 'demands different accommodation options, allowing you to wander in beautiful Bali atmosphere.


 u   The Green Island BaliGreenisland Bali Resort

Location: "Green Island Yoho, new hedonism."

Green Island, Green Island Bali Resort is the best area for hot leisure hotel, the first of the only indoor and outdoor open space, with a Bali-style hall and divided, and advanced vessels, so you can enjoy the best quality of Green Island full buffet breakfast. The hall on the first floor lobby of recreational space, offers free unlimited internet access (please bring your own computer), so you can share Internet access in Green Island swimming Man alive bit by bit, listening to the pulsating nature!

950Village Green Island, Taitung County Manor Township2-10numberTel +886 89 359777  Fax +886 89 359997

No.2-10, Gongguan, Ludao Township, Taitung County 951, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


u   Taitung Bali Suites HotelTaitung Bali Suites Hotel  (Three-star hotel evaluation)

Location: "attentive service, great value."

Taitung Bali Suites Hotel Taitung located in the heart of the city, is a software rather than hardware for the demands of impersonal hotels, emphasis on "caring service, value for money" quality parity concept, 館內推出30Great attentive service, whether for business or travel requirement needs, even humane caring services readily available, look forward to Taitung meet all the needs of tourists and business trip.

950 Taitung Zhengzhou Street11number  Tel +886 89  351506  Fax +886 89  342593

No.11, Zhengzhou St., Taitung City,  Taitung County 950, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

 u   Hsinchu Bali Forest Hot Springs ResortHsinchu Bali Forest Hot Spring Resortopia

Location: playing in the bay, bubble sharp stones, forest walk, eat sturgeon

Resort is blessed with natural volcanic hot springs, are sodium bicarbonate spring, the so-called "hot spring beauty", in addition, the village is rich in hot springs more "ash" is a world of beauty Need, with the famous Palau same "milk lake", the skin cell activation, moist and very good features. Resorts have the binding nature of the public bathing pool, and stressed that "bathing culture", in the hope that visitors to relax, to free yourself at the same time among the hot spring, in addition to green forests and earth Tangquan wash your skin and soul, You can also enjoy the benefits of real bathing health risks.

313Tip 石乡嘉 Le Village Hsinchu County14adjacent160numberTel +886 3 5842268Fax +886 3 5842730

No.160, Jiale, Jianshi Township, Hsinchu County 313, Taiwan (R.O.C.)



u   Bali Suites TaipeiTaipei Sanchongbali suites hotel

Location: convenient, comfortable, culture, landscape City Tourism New Experience

"Triple Bali Suites" is located at about triple Interchange10Minutes, close to freshwater river, located in Taipei Minquan West Road bridge over the re-South Road, Sec and justice/Road intersection with "Convenient"Dense transport networks such as airports, subway, train, bus, "Comfortable"rtable minimalist decor [[[[[rendered Bali hotel chain, "Humane"Triple rooftops surrounded by important landmarks snacks, monuments, shopping district, has seven natural ecological landscape park and the longest in Taiwan20Kilometer bike trails, people in Taipei offers the perfect leisure destination,"landscape"Triple has the most beautiful embankment night, sitting on Double Ten National Day best fireworks viewing spots!

241 ted [[[[[New Taipei triple District Sec78number16floorTel +886 2 29746636   Fax +886 2 29755124

16F., No.78, Sec. 2, Chongxin Rd., Sanchong Dist., New Taipei City 241, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

106 7th floor of the Da-an District, Taipei City 305 Zhongxiao East Rd 7

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