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Kader Holdings originated in Taitung, although occupying the mountain, but always has a lot of amazing works from the early creation Chulu night Chihpen first Japanese-style bathing culture atmosphere and wind Lu 塑造、全國第一​​A combination of Chinese herbal medicine, tourism, agriculture, biotechnology botanical garden, as well as ways and herbs to boil hot entrees made "herbivores pot chain" to more leisurely refined conceptual development integration Taitung, Green Island Pacific special agricultural industries and tourism and leisure, amassing all show the full creativity.

Implement business ideas, set the tone for the opening of a human face, to enhance the image of the concept, founded in Taiwan Bali hotel chainTaitung Bali Suites Hotel Green Island Bali Resort is Hsinchu Spirestone Bali Forest Spa Resort, Bali Suites Taipei, playing the role of doctors from the hotel, hoping to continue to be creative and specialty packaging chain management business, giving new life to each hotel.

Kader Holdings based in Taiwan after relying on the development of more than twenty years of experience in the leisure industry, the industry outlook, taken the pace for the continent; hope that through the first experience of Taiwan service industry, combined with excellent local enterprises in the mainland operate together serve huge domestic market, the formation of a new cross-strait cooperation mode; open up Taiwan native garden elements, coupled with the Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese medicine and health services, will create a new native garden in Nanjing red Lake, and in such based on the gradual cultivation pension services to move forward, at present, Shandong, Guangxi and other places, to establish the cause of the stronghold.

Looking to the future, Kader Group with its advanced strategic thinking on both sides of the layout, from leisure to health pension, will open up to create a new health industry territory.





106 7th floor of the Da-an District, Taipei City 305 Zhongxiao East Rd 7

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