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Xinhua Taiwan Agricultural Science and Technology / Introduction

  The company is committed to promoting the cultural and creative industries, quality agriculture, tourism and leisure, biotechnology, humanities, green industry, local culture.
◆ Orientation:Based on Taiwan, focus on China.
◆ Main business:Engage in cross-strait agricultural products trade, exchange; exquisite Taiwan agricultural products and agricultural biotech products, creative development, marketing, business planning path.
Taiwan fruit products: fruit Jane dishes Taiwan Taiwan

Taiwan fruit products, fruit of cultural and creative industries in Taiwan, Taiwan's fresh fruit products,

Implantation of biotechnology, Health, creativity, and other elements of local culture,

Packaged and processed into the most valuable spirit of international and local souvenirs,Enhance the added value of agricultural services,

And then through the mechanisms of international marketing channels to enhance the brightness and visibility of Taiwan fruit.



106 7th floor of the Da-an District, Taipei City 305 Zhongxiao East Rd 7

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